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Everyone is on a journey, a path of growth and discovery. My site is dedicated to help you move forward, gain confidence and build your personal skills.Check out my blogs, books, and other resources. Wherever you are…the church, the marketplace, or home…become the person God destined you to be!

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Arise Publishing

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Arise Publishing produces quality materials for spiritual growth. Whether you are an individual, a leader of a group, or are discipling new believers, these books offer fresh insight with sound Biblical perspectives.

Foundations of Faith (Established and Empowered) is a series for new believers or those looking to firm up their spiritual foundation. The Word Became Flesh is a ten week study of the Gospel of John. 7 Easy Steps to Goal Setting Success is a comprehensive guidebook with forms to help you develop and achieve God’s destiny for your life.

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The Leadership Ladder and The Aspiring Writer Merge!

After a long season of writing two blogs, I have decided to merge both into one unified stream. With almost 300 blog posts, this site hosts a library of  information on leadership, team formation, spiritual growth, personal development, and of course writing and publishing. Go to my blog page for a current update and search for your favorite topic or concern.

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