Summer is a busy time for most people. Traveling to see relatives. Vacations. Kids out of school! The days go quickly and often our writing takes a backseat to other pleasures.

Although the heat of summer days and lure of the great outdoors may interfere with our daily writing routine, there are ways to stay engaged and still make it fun. As a prevention to the summer slump, here is a list of suggested topics to keep you writing:

I know summer is here when…

The 5 Senses of Summer. Think about how you experience the summer months with your senses. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Taste? Touch?

My favorite summer memory…

Imagine summer from a perspective of 200 years ago. What would you or your main character be doing, wearing, or eating?

My dream vacation would be…

Take some summer photos and put words to the pictures. This could be vacation pictures of just a jaunt through the local park.

I’ll never forget the summer when…

My ideal summer day takes place when…

What does the 4th of July mean to me? Take a trip down Memory Lane and reconnect with your patriotice roots.

My first summer job…the good and the bad.

Make one of your vacations the backdrop for a short story.

The ups and downs of summer camp…friends, counselors, food, and fun!

My favorite flavor of ice cream is…summer

How my schedule changes in the summer months.

My favorite backyard memory. What comes to mind when you think of growing up in your backyard?

Are you a hot weather or cold weather person? Which season do you prefer and why?

How I overcame the boredom of summer.

Capture your campfire memories…food, activities, songs.

My favorite things to do in and around the pool.

When summer ends I feel…

These 20 prompts should keep your writing flowing throughout the summer. Have fun reminiscing and putting words to those memories as you keep the summer slump at bay.




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