Is 2018 the year for change?

You may be an average Joe, an ordinary person with an average education. But one thing can propel you from ordinary to extraordinary…

The #1 way to restructure your life is to set goals and complete them.

Goals are the framework for a successful, productive life. See my previous post, 2018…Time for a Change!

Still not convinced? Here are ten reasons why you should consider setting goals:

#1 Goals define who we are. We are all different. We have varied gifts, experiences, hopes, and dreams. Because of this, no two people will have identical destinations. Each will find their own individual path. When we set our targets, they are an expression of who we are and where we want to go. Goals are an extension of who we are.

#2 Goals propel us forward. They are designed to motivate us to take action. Instead of worrying about our present condition, goals provide the inspiration to move us forward.

#3 Goals organize our desires, time, and priorities. When we set goals, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat. What is important? How do we make time for it? We become the one who controls our decisions. We elevate our priorities to the top of the list when we take charge.

#4 Goals stretch us. They become a catalyst for growth. We use those dormant muscles which have atrophied over time…ouch! That hurts! But the saying “no pain, no gain” holds true even here. Goals compel us to get out of our comfort zone and begin to move.

#5 Goals boost our confidence. Once we get past the initial stage of inertia, our confidence grows. When I began going to the gym to get in shape, I was excited and

#6 Goals give clarity of vision. When we have a target in mind, whether it is long range or short range, our vision is clear and our path direct. What would you like to achieve over a lifetime? Where would you like to live? What is your once-in-a-lifetime vacation?

#7 Goals provide perspective. They serve as signposts in our life journey. Like a highway marker, goals tell us where we are, how far we have come, and how much further we have to go.

#8 Goals establish a standard. A high jumper doesn’t enter the field wondering how high the bar might be. He knows exactly where it will be positioned. And he also realizes the bar will be raised and reset continually before the winner will be determined. Goals provide us with a preset standard to reach towards.

#9 Goals keep us focused. They become the roadmap to our future. Like any highway, the easiest and quickest route is to stay on the main road and avoid the side trips. When you have a chosen itinerary planned, goals help to keep us on that direct path.

#10 Goals lead to a full and meaningful life. They help us realize our purpose and calling. Goals help us to achieve our highest potential with a sense of satisfaction. Each of us has a divine purpose, one that matches the gifts and talents we’ve been given. And life is filled with a series of destinations, achievements, and opportunities to express those gifts. Goals let us focus on those things which are most important to who we have been created to be. They assist us in fulfilling our lifelong mission.

Are you ready to move forward?

Follow along in future posts as we begin to evaluate and target areas for change.

For complete information on goal setting, pick up a copy of 7 Easy Steps for Goal Setting Success!


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