Setting goals means changing habits. And developing a new habit requires mental, physical, and emotional energy.

Research shows that every person has a certain threshold of energy that they may direct towards change. We can easily exhaust this energy by juggling too many goals. Although we may enter into our action plan enthusiastically, we can wear ourselves out in a few short weeks.

Are you new to goal-setting? Start small. I recommend you begin with one goal. Focus your energies on it. Once achieved, add another target.

Develop an Action Plan

The FREE 7 Easy Steps to Goal Setting Success Workbook offers two types of action plan forms. The first is a one year plan; the second has a 90-day focus.

The One Year Action Plan provides an overview of the upcoming year. It records all of your goals for the next 12 months and gives a general overview of your progress. Transfer your chosen goal from the individual Life System pages to the One Year Action Plan. ( see my post  “Assign and Prioritize Goals“)

Record your yearly targets for each category in the appropriate places. Remember to start with just one goal if you are just getting started. The 90 Day Action Plan is a roadmap for the next three months. For our first 90 day window, we want to choose goals that are significant. Select those targets that will have the greatest impact. Ask yourself…

What three things can I focus on in the next 90 days that will produce the most significant impact?

These are your first targets. Record them on the 90 Day Action Plan sheet. Some of your targets require several contributing actions to achieve. Decide what activities you must do and record those. In the example of losing weight, those actions might be: Drinking sixty-four ounces of water per day; Exercising for thirty minutes five days a week; Eliminating sugar from your diet.

Record the actions under each goal. These take priority. They become your “A list” of to-do items. You want to set aside the time and energy to ensure they are met on a daily/weekly basis. If you will give them the priority they deserve, you will obtain the results that you seek!

At the end of ninety days or the accomplishment of the goal, evaluate and focus for the next ninety days. Create a new 90 Day Action Plan for the next three months. Over the course of a year, we will have four 90 Day plans. We could choose up to 12 different goals, but some will be continued throughout the year. Be wise. Pace yourself and as you complete one, add another goal to your list.

Be wise. Pace yourself and as you complete one, add another goal to your list. By the end of a year you will be amazed at the progress made.

For complete information on goal setting, pick up a copy of 7 Easy Steps for Goal Setting Success by clicking the book below!


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