Step #6 is review your goals on a daily basis. As the first 90 days unfold, constantly reading them does two things. First, it activates the RAS brain function and stimulates our creative response. Second, it also reminds us of our targets and what we are working towards.

Stay on course!

Once the 90 Day Action Plan is complete, make copies and display them in highly visible places. I suggest placing both your One Year Action Plan and the 90 Day Action Plan on a refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, or bulletin board. (Download FREE forms)You can review the goals in the morning as you brush your teeth, shave, or wash your face. You can also take a copy to work and read during the course of the day. Post it on your computer!

As you read the plans, imagine how you will feel once you accomplish the target. Think about the positive effects on you, your family, and even your friends. Revisit the rewards you promised yourself. Do they motivate you to keep going one more day? Review your goals daily. Keep them before your eyes.


As you hit your targets, celebrate! In fact, reward yourself as you accomplish each goal. It may be dining with your spouse at a favorite restaurant, reading a new best-seller, shopping for clothes in a smaller size, or planning a weekend getaway. Enjoy the process and reward yourself accordingly.

Setting and meeting goals takes time and effort. Don’t skimp on this step. It will motivate you to continue and meet the next set of goals.

But What If…

What happens if I slip and don’t follow through with my action plan? What if I overextended myself and I am struggling to see my goals through? What if my goal isn’t met in 90 days? Should you panic? Get discouraged? Feel guilty?

No…don’t give up!

Life happens. Some situations are out of our control. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again! Part of the success in any endeavor is the process itself.

Reset your goals and map out the next 90 days. Begin to move forward from where you are. Find a source of encouragement through a book, article, friend or family member. Above all, look forward.

Forget about what could have, would have, or should have been done. Start with a clean emotional slate by letting go of the guilt and frustration. Goals are not meant to punish us, but to bring forth the potential that resides within. If it takes two years to write that book, then allow yourself the extra time. And don’t feel guilty.

At the end of the current year, start the process all over again. This time you already have much of the work done. Wrap Up the old year. Review your Goal-Storming page and add any new items. Assign new time frames. Prioritize once again. Develop your One Year Action Plan and a 90 Day Action Plan.(Download FREE 7 Easy Steps to Goals Setting Success Workbook)

Your life is waiting. Set your goals. Take action. It’s your life…live to the max!

For complete information on goal setting, pick up a copy of 7 Easy Steps for Goal Setting Success by clicking the book below!


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