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Here is a shout out to all of you self-published writers! If you are just getting started or are already deep in the process, let me recommend four of my favorite blogs for self-published writers. These four writers/bloggers are experts in their field and have many resources to help any aspiring writer reach their goals and publish.

Joanna Penn at 


Joanna is a well-recognized name in the writing field. She lives in England and can offer an international perspective on publishing. Joanna’s site includes has over 1000 blog posts and 100 hours of audio information. She blogs on all aspects of writing. On her site, you will find podcasts, eBook and videos, resources, and even online courses. Click the START HERE button to begin exploring


Joanna’s books:


Joel Friedlander at www.thebookdesigner.comjoelf

Joel’s background is in printing, typesetting, and traditional publishing. He has taken his extensive knowledge and applied it to the expanding self-publishing market. He has won consecutive awards from Writer’s Digest as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers.

Joel offers blogs, resources, and courses on the nuts and bolts of manufacturing a book. If you need help in book covers, design, formatting, typography, this is the site for you.


Joel’s books:


edie-melsonEdie Melson at

Edie’s site is a plethora of information. She offers daily blog posts from various writer’s as well as her own words of wisdom. Her site merits awards from Feedspot and If you are seeking information as well as inspiration, is the place to be. Edie also is a great resource for those following the traditional publishing path.



Edie’s Book:

Michael Hyatt at michael_hyatt_0412

Michael Hyatt is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and very familiar with the world of publishing. Much of his advice is for traditional publishing, but he offers great wisdom and inspiration for any aspiring writer. If you are into technology, productivity, or even just general leadership growth, his website is your destination. With blog posts, audio/videos, downloadable PDF books, Hyatt’s website is an up-to-date resource.


Michael’s books:

These blogs are a great place to start if you are branching out into self-publishing. From the writing process to book design and marketing, they have it all.







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