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stressBurnout is rampant in ministry and in everyday life. How can we guard ourselves as we serve a needy world?

First, we need to keep Jesus as our model. Scripture doesn’t portray Him getting stressed, so what can we learn from His way of ministering?

In Mark 2:32-38 Jesus says, “Let us go somewhere else…”

  1. He knew what God called Him to do and stayed true to that call.
  2. He spent time regularly in prayer and in the Presence of God – Alone.
  3. He interacted with those along the way.

So, let’s look at some ways we can implement these.

God has equipped each of us differently for ministry. By knowing our giftedness, passion and mission, we will be better able to serve. Knowing when to say no is just as important as knowing when to say yes.

We see an example with Paul and Peter. Acts 16:6-7 tells us that the Spirit of Jesus told Paul not to go to Bythnia. And, then in 1 Peter 1:1, we see Peter interacting there. Their call was different; being in tune to where the Father was leading was critical.

Know Your Spiritual Gift

Every believer is given at least one spiritual gift when you come to faith in Christ. Discovering that gift is important to know how you should use your energy and resources in serving. It is common to not think of your gift as anything special. We do things so naturally sometimes that we can miss it.

There are many resources available to help in discovering your spiritual gift. So, if you don’t know, ask God to reveal it to you.

  1. Read the passages in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Take a personal gift inventory; identify the top scores and look for ways to use them.
  3. Research each gift and its use.
  4. Seek counsel of those who are spiritually mature.
  5. Watch for confirmation from the Body of Christ.

This brings us to our next tool for help in avoiding burnout…

Discover Your Passion

What I mean by this is discovering a particular area you feel called to exercise your giftedness. The word says there are different manifestations of each gift (1 Corinthians 12:4-7; Galatians 2:7-8).

Your spiritual gift is the WHAT or the HOW.

Your passion is the WHO.

So you may have a burden for an age group or a particular ministry like:


Young moms


People in recovery

Prison ministry


The unborn

Human trafficking

Once you discover your spiritual gift, you can brainstorm ways to implement it in practical ways within your area of passion.

Once we have the WHAT and the WHO, this brings us to the WHY.

Creating a Mission Statement

Another tool to help you to stay true to your call is to write a mission statement. Boiling your purpose down to a sentence can help you to focus your ministry attempts. A mission statement answers the question, WHY?

heart checkBegin by identifying three verbs that describe how your ministry looks in action.

A mission statement helps you to filter requests for your time.

For instance, my mission statement is:

“To inspire all, with a heart like Jesus while encouraging and equipping believers through the written and spoken word.”

My three verbs: Equip, Encourage, Communicate

So, if I am asked to teach a women’s bible study – my answer is usually yes, as long as my schedule is clear. If I’m asked to be on a committee for a three-year commitment, my answer will most likely be no.

By identifying your gifting, passion and developing a mission statement you will be able to focus your energy on the things God has called and equipped you to do. And, by using the WHAT, WHO and WHY to focus where to serve will help you to guard against burnout in your ministry.Jeanne+Doyon-3

Jeanne Doyon’s ministry, Pausing to See God Clearly encourages others to draw nearer to the Lover of their souls. She connects the Truths in Scripture to the ordinary events of life and shares her reflections on her blog, The Stream’s Edge. She enjoys writing, photography, tea with friends, and creating with beads. Contact Jeanne at jeanne.doyon@gmail.com and find out more about her speaking topics at www.jeannedoyon.blogspot.com. She and her husband John live in Connecticut.


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