Boot Camp,  Rewrite and Re-purpose

On this last week of Boot Camp for Writers, we are now ready to publish. Over the last eight lessons we have brainstormed, written a rough draft, edited, and fine-tuned our writing to prepare it for publication. How do we make sure our message gets the greatest exposure?

Rewriting Your Content

Rewriting is the process of changing your original piece to meet the needs and specific requirements of a different audience. If you began by targeting a particular group of readers, look for other places to reinvent your material. The rework might be a blog post, magazine article, or devotion. It could also mean a complete change in the age or gender of the reader.

You can also broaden the exposure of your message by changing its length. Make it longer by adding more points, examples, references, links, and include contemporary stories. Or you may need to shorten the writing to meet specific publishing standards.

When you are considering what to rewrite, look for “evergreen” content. What have you written that has a timeless or universal appeal? Where have you received positive feedback?

Take your best ideas and recreate them. Here are some suggestions for rewriting: Different Ways to Go

  1. Guest blog
  2. Devotion
  3. Magazine article
  4. Newspaper editorial or article
  5. Newsletters…church, denomination, ministry, or personal
  6. Write a series or spin-off of the original piece
  7. Makeover an old piece by adding fresh points, graphics, a new emphasis, and headline
  8. Expand your original piece to a chapter or use it as an outline for a book.

For some more information on writing for traditional publication, check out these posts:

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Re-Purposing Your Content

In addition to rewriting the content, you can also re-purpose it. Take your original idea, rework it, and present it in a different form. For example, a blog post may become a graphic, social media post, or part of an email. 

Why should you re-purpose your content?

There are several advantages. The main reason is to reach a totally different audience. By changing the language and presentation, you will appeal to the needs of a new group of readers or listeners. Re-purposing also reinforces a message. It presents ideas in a new format. While some are readers, others are visual or auditory learners. Re-purposing boosts your public exposure.

The following are suggestions for popular ways to re-purpose your content:Newspapers

  1. Create a presentation on Power Point, Evernote, or other software
  2. Post social media updates
  3. Email the content as one/multiple segments
  4. Record a podcast
  5. Record a video
  6. Offer a webinar
  7. Create a checklist
  8. Send out a survey
  9. Build an infographic on Piktochart 

Let me leave with you is this…don’t stop once the original idea is complete and published. Rewriting for different audiences as well as re-purposing your material are excellent ways to maximize the impact of your message. Take advantage of the many forms and media outlets that are available today!

This is the last segment in Boot Camp for Writers. 

THANK YOU for joining me! 





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