Revival is Coming…Are You Empowered?

As the clock winds down to the appointed time of revival, my question has to be…are you ready for a move of God? God is working across the globe stirring the hearts of his children. I hear of churches in the most isolated of places coming alive. Worship is reaching new heights in Sunday services.  People are being roused from their spiritual slumber and God is the one sounding the alarm clock!

Scripture cautions us to be alert during the upcoming harvest season. As the time for massive revival approaches, the church needs to awaken, arise, and then align with the plans and purposes of God. Proverbs 10:5 warns

 …he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son. 

In a famine, we gather food and store it ahead of time. During a financial crisis, we discover creative ways to barter and pay for goods and services. But how do we prepare for a spiritual move of God?

In many ways, we can’t. The manifestation of God’s power will be



and Sovereign.

The answer is we cooperate with God in the preliminary stages and equip ourselves with the basics. In the very near future, there will be so many babes in Christ and a pressing need for spiritual parents. Each of us will be called into service and into a discipleship role. What is the best way to anticipate this surge of the supernatural? Familiarize ourselves with spiritual foundations and get empowered to minister.

Lighting a Spiritual Fire

As a former Camp Fire Girl, I built my fair share of fires. I remember the many twigs, sticks, and logs laid one upon another in some “teepee” or “log cabin” shape. From the littlest of branches to the larger limbs, each piece had its place in starting the fire. If I arranged the twigs correctly, I only needed one match to ignite the entire pile. In a matter of minutes, the stacked dry wood became a blazing inferno.Move of God

Amazingly, I have seen God use the same technique in his church. In this case, however, the sticks that make up the fire are not pieces of wood, but Biblical concepts. When knowledge, understanding, and faith combine, it only takes one touch from the hand of God. A single spark from heaven ignites the spiritual fire within us!

My soon-to-be-released book Empowered offers both the raw material and the flint to ignite the spiritual flame. It is a compilation of the many seminars and training sessions I have led over the years. I have already used the concepts found within these pages to train church teams, ministries, and travelling collegiate groups in a variety of settings, denominations, age groups, and cultures.

As the second book in the Foundations of Faith series, Empowered equips the reader with fundamental Biblical concepts that lead to active ministry. I designed the book for use in one of two ways. First, it provides a solid foundation for the training of altar workers. I use this term to describe those people designated to pray for their congregation during ministry or prayer times.

Second, it is an introduction to practical ministry for every Christian who wants to be used by God. To those who hunger to see the power of God in their everyday lives, Empowered supplies the basic knowledge for activating that desire. For those of us who anticipate a sovereign move of God’s power, it becomes the catalyst for preparation.

Over the next several posts, I will be sharing excerpts from my book. It is my hope that Empowered will advance the kingdom of God by preparing believers to act on their faith. My heart’s desire is to see the Church equipped, prepared, and fully functioning at its highest level of excellence.

Whether ministry occurs within the church, in the marketplace, or community, God is ready to touch lives and transform people. He is on the move. We need to be ready to move with him!

Time for a Change: Step 5…Developing an Action Plan


Setting goals means changing habits. And developing a new habit requires mental, physical, and emotional energy.

Research shows that every person has a certain threshold of energy that they may direct towards change. We can easily exhaust this energy by juggling too many goals. Although we may enter into our action plan enthusiastically, we can wear ourselves out in a few short weeks.

Are you new to goal-setting? Start small. I recommend you begin with one goal. Focus your energies on it. Once achieved, add another target.

Develop an Action Plan

The FREE 7 Easy Steps to Goal Setting Success Workbook offers two types of action plan forms. The first is a one year plan; the second has a 90-day focus.

The One Year Action Plan provides an overview of the upcoming year. It records all of your goals for the next 12 months and gives a general overview of your progress. Transfer your chosen goal from the individual Life System pages to the One Year Action Plan. ( see my post  “Assign and Prioritize Goals“)

Record your yearly targets for each category in the appropriate places. Remember to start with just one goal if you are just getting started. The 90 Day Action Plan is a roadmap for the next three months. For our first 90 day window, we want to choose goals that are significant. Select those targets that will have the greatest impact. Ask yourself…

What three things can I focus on in the next 90 days that will produce the most significant impact?


Time for a Change: Step 3 &4…Assign a Timeframe and Prioritize


( Download FREE Workbook for 7 Easy Steps for Goals Setting Success)

Steps# 3…Assign a Time Frame

Every goal needs a time frame. In this step, we will review each goal from the Goal-Storming Form and assign a reasonable time frame. Some goals are accomplished in a day. Others take a week or a month. Many require years or a lifetime to fulfill.

When we set a time frame, we must be definitive. Words like someday, one day, or maybe are not defining terms. Eliminate those wishy-washy words! Pause and consider several factors that could influence the achievement of it:

  • How much time and energy can I devote to it?
  • What priority will this particular target have in relation to the rest of my life?
  • What resources do I need to help?
  • Are there any obstacles that might get in the way?
  • Do I need advice from a professional?

As we consider each of our Goal-Storming goals, we will assign a time frame to each. We want to begin thinking in tangible blocks of time. Our targets fall into one of four classifications: daily, weekly, yearly, or lifelong.


Time for a Change: Step #2…Goal-Storming!


As we continue charting our new course, we are going to take an inventory of our hopes, dreams, and desires. In this second step, we are going to brainstorm every area of life. I call it Goal-Storming!

We will consider 6 areas of our life (physical, spiritual, financial, mental, social, and professional) and record every possibility…and even a few that seem impossible. It’s a total brain-drain of all of our ambitions both present and future. This process takes our random thoughts and puts them into written, tangible form.

As we get ready for this exercise, open yourself up to the possibilities. Don’t second guess your dreams or limit yourself. Record even the most outrageous vision you may have, even if it seems improbable! Write down anything that captures your imagination in each area. If you want to be a ski instructor one day, write it down. If you hope to have a million dollars in the bank, record those hopes.

Give yourself permission to dream BIG.

Be willing to take a risk.

At this stage, we are not going to assign time frames or worry about our goals fitting any model. We only want to record every thought and then we will edit and define specific goals in a later step.

Find a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Give yourself at least an hour to complete this step. Take your time and be thorough recording your current aspirations as well as future ones.

Use the questions from the 101 Goal-Storming Questions page found in the 7 Steps Workbook (FREE download  here)to stimulate your creative brain. Let your mind dislodge all of that hidden potential!

Record your ideas on the Goal-Storming Form. You may need to print multiple copies of this form.

For complete information on goal setting, pick up a copy of 7 Easy Steps for Goal Setting Success by clicking the book below!

Time for a Change: Step#1…Say Goodbye to the Past!



Before we begin to set goals and change our course, we should first understand our present location. It’s like those maps…You are here! Once we pinpoint our present location, we can map out a course to get us to our destination. map

The Wrap Up step accomplishes this. We can bring closure to those areas that need it and highlight our areas of strength. Reviewing our past gives us a fresh perspective on where to make improvements. It provides focus for the next segment of time as we look towards setting goals.

During this step, we will consider 6 areas of our life and evaluate each one. For convenience, we will approach this step as though we are wrapping up the end of a calendar year.

As you begin, use the Wrap Up Form (download here) and ask yourself these questions… (more…)

2018…Time for a Change!

2018…Time for a Change!


It’s a new year…are you ready for a change?

Need a little help getting started?  Join me over the next few days as we explore the pathway to a positive future.

There is no better time to refashion your life than now. Change starts with a few easy steps, some goals, and persistence along the way.

Just ask these people…

  • Jennifer earned her Ph.D. and now teaches at a university.
  • John and Joanne enjoyed two weeks of sun and fun in Hawaii.
  • Patrick wrote and published his first book.
  • Joyce graduated from college at the age of 74.
  • Anna lost 57 pounds in just three months!

What makes each of these people and events remarkable? They all set goals and then worked hard to achieve them! Whether it is losing those extra pounds, saving for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or reaching for your dreams, there is a way for the impossible things to become possible.

Once you get focused and develop an action plan, positive results will follow! 2018 is the year to uncover those hidden and forgotten ideas and make them a reality.

 What Are Goals?

Goals help us to make meaningful progress towards our dreams. They launch us into the realms of possibility.

A goal is an aim, destination, ambition, or objective which is achievable through planned and directed effort.

Goals are our path forward. They provide us with a destination, a life map. If we were planning a vacation, we would start the trip knowing our journey’s end. We chart a course and off we go. There may be different routes, some more direct and others more scenic. We may run into traffic jams, roadblocks, and construction delays. If we are determined, we press through the obstacles because of the benefits once we arrive. I have never stopped my car, turned around and said “This isn’t worth it. I’ll just cancel vacation this year!”

Goals function in the very same way. They give us an endpoint, a destination to work towards. Like the roadmap, they guide our decisions and actions and give us a course to follow.

What would you like to achieve in your lifetime? What is your passion? What problem unsettles you and demands attention? How do you plan on seeing your ideas come to pass?

These key questions are designed to help unlock the hidden potential within you. And we are just getting started.

Join me in my next post we take charge of our life and jumpstart 2018!





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