Established Revised Cover Front Aug 2015Are you experiencing all that God has to offer?
Do you ask yourself questions like…
Who am I and how do I relate to God?
Do I have a destiny, a God-directed plan for my life?
How can I overcome the obstacles and difficulties I face on a daily basis?
God created a perfect world. He planned for us to live a dynamic and fulfilled life within that realm. If your present lifestyle falls short of God’s intentions, then it is time to revisit his original design!
In Established: Seeking God’s Plan for Spiritual Growth, you will discover how to follow God’s blueprint for successful living.
In this first book in the “Foundations of Faith” series, author Pam Palagyi returns to the Book of Genesis, the place where God set up his perfect plan. Discover the five defining components God intended for every human being.
If you are seeking answers to spiritual questions, Established promises to answer them. Are you a new believer who needs to be grounded in your beliefs? Established provides a solid foundation. Or maybe you want to revive your spiritual walk by revisiting the basics of Christian faith?
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this book is designed for you. God has the answers to your questions.

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