The One-Year Church Planner

The One-Year Church Planner

One Year Church Planner Cover

If you are the pastor or leader in your church/ministry, ask yourself these questions…

How do you build unity and strengthen relationships in your organization?
What means do you use to communicate godly vision and get immediate feedback?
How do you empower your team to contribute and own the vision of your church?
How could you organize your church calendar in one all-encompassing step?
Are you willing to invest time and prayer to ensure a smooth transition throughout the year?
The answers to these questions are found in the successful completion of a church planning forum. The One-Year Church Planner is a guide to creating a long-range plan for your church and all of its ministries. It includes suggestions as to how to manage and schedule this kind of meeting. Most importantly, the resource will guide you through the process of planning with thought-provoking questions for you and your team.

As a former pastor, I learned to appreciate the long-range benefits of this type of planning, both to myself and to my leadership team.It is amazing what can be accomplished in a few short days!

Benefits to Your Leadership Team
1.Unify their efforts in behalf of the church.
2. Focus on fellowship, prayer, and planning the next season of the church.
3. Reinforce the vision of our church as part of the Kingdom of God.
4. Create a blueprint for the next year.

Basic Components
The 5 basic components of the seminar are…Worship and Prayer, Evaluation, Vision and Goals, Schedule, and Leadership Training.
During your time together, you should be able to answer these three basic questions…
Who Are We?
Where Are We?
Where Are We Going? (This includes casting vision, setting goals, developing a preaching calendar, and schedule for the coming year.)




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