the-word-became-flesh-kindle-cover-2Welcome to the world of ancient Israel! 

In this in-depth study of the Gospel of John, Pam Palagyi invites you to enter into the culture and history of New Testament times. Experience the Messiah with fresh eyes and apply those spiritual principles to your own life.

The Word Became Flesh is an eight-week Bible study on the Gospel of John.

The study features:

• A comprehensive look at the life of Christ seen through John’s eyes

• Revelation of Jesus through the seven ‘I AM” statements and seven signs of the Messiah

• Enriching historical and cultural background that makes the Bible come alive

• Word studies and commentary that increase understanding of the original text

• Personal applications for spiritual growth


The chapter titles include:

• Introduction to the Gospel of John        

• The Word Became Flesh        

• A Voice in the Wilderness        

• Close Encounters of the Divine Kind        

• Seven Signs of the Messiah      

• I AM        

• The Final Hours        

• The Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Restoration

John was part of Christ’s inner circle and privy to the intimate details of his life. Over 92% of the information and theological insights in the Gospel of John are not found in the other gospels. Get a fresh perspective of Jesus through the eyes of his closest companion.

What others are saying:

A simplicity of faith with a depth of understanding.

A life-giving discipleship tool filled with many personal reflections as well as valuable insights into the Scriptures.

A valuable source of study and excellent tool for developing Christian discipleship.

Great, meaty questions. I love the commentaries and personal reflection questions!

I have done numerous studies and found this work to be excellent.


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