Workspace and Productivity

We all want to be productive. Yet, how often do our priorities get realigned or dropped because something else vies for attention? We focus on the immediate crisis instead of our long-term goals. I’m GUILTY!

How productive are you?

If you want an assessment, Michael Hyatt has developed a quick test that gives you a productivity score. With only nine questions, this survey provides an accurate diagnostic of your personal productivity output.

Hyatt’s Free to Focus Personal Productivity Assessment reveals:

  • 9 key categories of personal productivity and where you’re currently succeeding or struggling.
  • The present reality about your tasks, schedule, workload, and personal margin.
  • The specific areas you can optimize your efforts for success.

The Free to Focus Personal Productivity Assessment is free. It’s available online and mobile friendly so you can take it on any device. And you can complete it in a few minutes.

Best of all, when you’re done you’ll get a productivity score and score-specific report. You’ll also receive actionable tips and tricks to increase your score and become more productive.

Once you get clear on the next steps, you’ll be able to chart your improvement by comparing your scores and achieving a new personal best.

Identifying your current location is the key to getting where you want to go. The Free to Focus Personal Productivity Assessment locates your point of departure and offers suggestions to improve.

Discover your personal productivity and move forward with confidence!


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