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I enjoy watching people grow!

There is something about a person discovering who they are, stepping out in faith to develop the gift, and fulfilling DSC00302their destiny that invigorates me. God has created each of us with a unique personality, gifting, talent and expression. Just like the multi-colored rays in my logo, we are each a vibrant ray of light shining into our world.

I’ve been told that I am a “good mama bird that knows when to push her children out of the nest.” That’s me! If I see someone with a potential that is dormant, I want to inspire them to move forward and step up.

God created a spectrum of countries and people groups, each with their own flavor and expression of God. I have traveled to five continents so far. I have  ministered, toured, and enjoyed the hospitality of some wonderful people!

  • North America…of course! United States, Canada, Mexico, Haiti
  • South America…Brazil
  • Europe…Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Belgium, Germany
  • Africa…Nigeria
  • Asia…Philippines

The other two continents are on my bucket list…hope to make it there and see the kangaroos of Australia and the penguins of Antarctica!




I am a creative! My grandmother taught me to sew, crochet, and bake when I was very young. My father introduced me to photography and my mother had a decorating flair.

I have always been drawn to new expressions of creativity. I quilt, sew, knit, crochet (sometimes!), and make jewelry. I have dyed my own material, woven hats, designed clothing, and sold my creations in craft fairs. I like to make my designs original, something new and unique!

Gardening is a delight! I especially like growing my own plants from seed in a makeshift greenhouse in my garage. Every year I try new varieties and techniques to improve the quality and yield. This year I became I “plant surgeon” and tried my hand at grafting tomatoes plants.Golf Picture

I have always had a passion to learn. There are new ideas, techniques, and arenas just around the next corner. I can’t wait to get there!



DSC02726My family is the center of my life. I have been married over forty years to my husband Paul. He works as a project manager in the aerospace industry.We have traveled life’s roads together living in five different states. We enjoy working around the home, golfing, biking, travel, and a good movie…with lots of popcorn!

My youngest daughter Laurie is a camp director and family therapist. My oldest daughter Lisa and her husband Crip are college professors in theology. I am so very proud of my daughters and son-in-law for their achievements!

The light of my life are my granddaughters, Abigail and Isabella. We visit every Sunday afternoon on SKYPE…whDSC04847at a  joy! Abigail tells me her latest escapades and secrets while Bella  giggles and talks to her stuffed animals. Someday I plan to live closer, but for now I relish every moment I spend with them. It is my privilege to spoil them every chance I get!

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