Welcome back Jeanne Doyon and her expertise on blogging! Jeanne teaches a Hands-On Blogging Workshop using blogspot.com. Enjoy her tips to creating a well-rounded blog post.

If m???????y last post, To Blog or Not to Blog, encouraged you to take the blogging plunge, Woohoo! Get ready to learn new skills and use technology to impact the world. You have a message to share and only you can share it. Never discount the impact your words can have on others—God is going to do amazing things through the words you share in your blog posts.

As you start on your blogging journey, give yourself permission to take your time in learning the ins and outs of creating quality content and an inviting design. When I first began, I used a cheat sheet for my posts, partly so I wouldn’t forget anything.

You will get frustrated at times.

But you will learn new things along the way.

Someday you’ll be sharing your blogging experience with someone who wants to get started and you’ll be amazed at how much YOU can teach them!

The following is one of the checklists I give my students in my Hands-On Blogging Workshop. With any new skill it is helpful to use a reminder so you won’t forget to include the essentials… especially in those first few blog posts.

Note that some of the advanced blogging skills are in RED and are meant to give you permission to tackle them later after you’re comfortable with the basic post.

 Blog Post Checklist

Components of a Good Blog Post

  • Title – Searchable, catchy hook containing keywords. Maximum of 55-60 charactersMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Post length

300-500 words is optimum

Use headings, bullet points and white space for readability

  • Use Keywords in your Post 

Keywords enhance SEO so use them within your title, first paragraph, last paragraph and sprinkle in the body of your blog post without making it sound stilted.

  • Images – Photos or Clip Art Images are necessary for good SEO

Use your own photos or free images with proper attribution.
I suggest adding photos after your text is finished for easier placement. The, click on the image for settings:

    • Properties – a short description of the image
    • Size & Position (left, right, center) – These settings will enhance your post
    • Captioning  your image is optional
  • Links within Your Post

Choose good keywords and phrases for enhanced SEO

Link to a previous post, website, news article, etc.

Be sure to set links to open in a new window

  • Prompt for Comments

Leave your reader with a question or challenge to prompt comments

Use keywords in your reply comments for SEO

  • Create and Insert Tweetable Links (need a Twitter account)



  • Consider Affiliate Programs and Links within your Posts

Adding HTML to your blog post to share a resource with readers

Amazon Affiliate Program – I offer an appropriate resource with each post

Monetization – this is not for everyone. I have chosen not to use ads


Don’t Forget Additional Settings!

On the Right Side of the Blogger Compose Screen Complete these Fields for Better SEO:

  • Labels

Include title, your name, blog name, Keywords & Phrases

  • Search Description

One sentence hook to describe your post

  • Schedule Post

Choose to publish right away or choose to schedule at a later date and time

  • Options

Be sure to ALLOW comments


Making Your Posts Accessible to Readerslaptop_(800x600)

  • Add Gadgets for Email Subscribers & RSS Feed Followers
  • Share on Social Media

Set up and link accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr (Your choice)

Share each post using the share buttons in the blog footer

Add a Gadget on your page layout for SOCIAL MEDIA

Stagger shares for effective coverage

Schedule posts using Hootsuite

Scheduling posts using Facebook

Sign up for Networked Blogs 

Use Hashtags

  • Put Your Blog Link in your Email Signature
  • Visit and Comment on Other Blogs Similar to Yours
  • Join a Blog Hop



You CAN create compelling posts that speak to the needs of those seeking information on what you have experienced. Whether it’s your new book, a devotional thought on a passage of Scripture, or a life altering event, others need what you have to offer. A blog is a perfect way to reach them.

So, Get Ready

Use these tools to Get Set

And then, Go impact your world!


For more information about Hands-On Blogging Workshops, contact Jeanne at Jeanne.doyon@gmail.com and put Blog Workshop in the subject of your message.


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