Before we begin to set goals and change our course, we should first understand our present location. It’s like those maps…You are here! Once we pinpoint our present location, we can map out a course to get us to our destination. map

The Wrap Up step accomplishes this. We can bring closure to those areas that need it and highlight our areas of strength. Reviewing our past gives us a fresh perspective on where to make improvements. It provides focus for the next segment of time as we look towards setting goals.

During this step, we will consider 6 areas of our life and evaluate each one. For convenience, we will approach this step as though we are wrapping up the end of a calendar year.

As you begin, use the Wrap Up Form (download here) and ask yourself these questions…

  • What did I do right last year?
  • Where was I successful?
  • What did I accomplish? How did I do it?
  • Where could I have improved?
  • Where are those re-occurring troublesome areas in my life?
  • Where do I struggle?
  • Do I have any regrets?
  • What do I need to eliminate?
  • What robs me of time and energy?
  • What has gone past its expiration date and needs to be discarded?
  • Have I outgrown certain activities?
  • What do I need to add?
  • What is missing from my life?
  • What areas cry out for attention?
  • Where do I need more time and energy?
  • Where do I need to shift my priorities?
  • Do I need to forgive anyone?
  • Do I need to forgive myself?
  • Do I need to ask forgiveness from God or others?
  • Am I able to close the door to this past year and move into the future?
  • What is preventing that from happening?
  • How can I resolve the issue?
  • Can I release the successes and failures and focus

After you complete the Wrap Up Form, take a deep breath. Celebrate your success! Rejoice over all the things that you did right. Don’t wallow in past failures or disappointments and allow them to dampen your readiness to move on. This is the time to release the past and begin to look to the future.

Now is the time to take control of your life.

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