Summer is a time for celebration!

The official start is Memorial Day, the end Labor Day, with the 4th of July tucked between. But did you know that there are many other lesser holidays to celebrate throughout the Summer?

If you are a writer, these are some great topics for a blog post, journal entry, or addition to a novel. Are the kiddos bored? Think about incorporating one or more into your family fun time for a change of pace.

Leaders can also break the monotony of the workplace by building a day around one of these quirky holidays. Just think of the possibilities!

So here are just a few of the many wacky and unusual celebrations this Summer. Click on the links from www.holidayinsights.com for the history and some additional tidbits:

June Holidays

21 National Selfie Dayselfie-holiday

22 National Chocolate Eclair Day

23 National Columnists Day  Hey, writers! Send an editorial to your local newspaper.

23 Take Your Dog to Work Day Don’t forget the baggies!

24 Swim a Lap Day

26 Forgiveness Day

27 Sun Glasses Day

28 Paul Bunyan Day

29 Camera Day

29 Hug Holiday



I Forgot Day

National Country Music Day

National Fried Chicken Day

Chocolate Day

Video Games Day

National Sugar Cookie Day

10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day

11 Cheer up the Lonely Day

13 Embrace Your Geekness Day

15 Cow Appreciation Day Can you say MOO?

16 National Ice Cream Day ice-cream-holiday

17 Global Hug Your Kids Day 

20 National Lollipop Day

21 National Junk Food Day

22 Hammock Day

23 National Hot Dog Day

25 Threading the Needle Day

28 System Administrator Appreciation Day

29 National Lasagna Day

30 National Cheesecake Day


1 National Girlfriends Day

3 National Watermelon Day

4 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

5 National Clown Day

6 Sisters Day

7 International Forgiveness Day

9 Book Lover’s Day

10 Lazy Day

11 Presidential Joke Day

15 Relaxation Day 

16 National Tell a Joke Day

17 National Thriftshop Day

19 National Potato Daykiss-and-make-up-holiday

21 Senior Citizen’s Day

22 Be an Angel Day

25 Kiss and Make Up Day

26 Women’s Equality Day

27 Just Because Day

30 Frankenstein Day

31 National Eat Outside Day

These are only a sampling of the many different wild and wacky holidays that you are yours can celebrate. For a complete listing go to the website.

Celebrate the Summer!


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