We have all been there…writer’s block! It visits when you least expect it and remains an unwelcome guest. You may ask yourself…

What should I write about? I am out of ideas!

I have hit a dead end. Help!

Writer’s block is defined as the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. When it hits, any writer can feel paralyzed. So, how do you overcome this debilitating mindset? Here are a few ways that have helped me out of the slump and back to the keyboard:writers-block-dog

  1. Pray. Ask for God’s intervention. He has always been faithful to give me fresh ideas whenever I need them…and that is quite often! I know I could not continue to write without his input and support. This is my first choice when I hit the
    proverbial wall.
  2. Immerse yourself in nature. God is once again at the heart of this suggestion. There is something about getting out of the home or office and enjoying his creation that perks you up. Birds twitter, leaves rustle, and even the silence of walking down mossy paths wraps you in a mysterious cocoon of peace. And once your mind and body come to rest, it is much easier to grapple with those elusive thoughts.
  3. Be creative. Writing is only one way to stimulate the creative side of the brain. Try another media like painting. Sew, draw, or even garden. Stimulating the creative center of the brain through any expression can jumpstart the creative process in writing.
  4. Take a break. Rest is good for the soul…and the mind. Embracing those times of rest and refreshing can do wonders for the busy mind. Allow your mind to relax and do something fun. Watch a favorite movie. BakeExercising for Writer's Block some cookies…the taste and smell comfort the soul.
  5. Call a friend. Chatting with a close friend bolsters the inner man. We are social people. It is how we were created. So, if writing has caused you to isolate yourself, take some time to reconnect with those you care about. Build up your emotional tank and then return to the writing process.
  6. Get physical. Exercise stimulates all parts of the body…the physical, mental, and emotional sides of our being. Taking a prolonged walk may be the force to dislodge the block and get you flowing again.
  7. Go shopping. Alright, you may not agree with this, but it works for me. I am not a shopaholic, but I love a bargain! If I can catch a sale or find an elusive item on my “got-to-have-it” list, I am elated. It is an emotional charge and puts me back in a positive frame of mind. I am ready to tackle the word processor once again.

When writer’s block raises its ugly head, don’t panic. Take some time to regroup in one of the ways above. Your creative juices will flow once again!


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